«Starting from the year 1995 we have been growing and developing, proving an incontestable leadership in the agro-industrial sector of Ukraine and supplying our production to all continents. Obviously, we have a lot to be proud of!

However, it is extremely important not only WHAT we attain but also HOW we do this.
Every day we accomplish thousands of working operations and arrive at hundreds of decisions which are not based on some universally applicable formulas but at the same time they influence the effectiveness and development of the Company. In any situation we rely on the Company`s vision and mission, corporate values and conformity policies which create the corporate philosophy and Company`s culture.

I believe that overcoming every maturity challenge, passing on from qualitative growth to quantitative, the corporate values and principles will become the main norm and basis of our life, the foundation for taking the decisions for each of us; the vision and mission will fill our business with a sense and will give a great impulse for a confident further development!»

Andriy Verevskyy

To become a leader in the agribusiness sphere and to make our region a key supplier of the agricultural products on the global market.
We open the unique agribusiness opportunities by means of developing the potential of our people.
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    • Strategic system management

      The principles of our management ensure the transition from quantitative qualitative growth. Our strategy and objectives cascade at the operational level, and through their implementation are transformed into the daily work of managers who thrive in a culture of internal entrepreneurship and continuous improvement.
    • Synergy of business-integration

      Our business segments are closely linked with strategic unity and coherence of objectives. Their mutual integration creates added value and positively affects the overall financial result. We regularly conduct benchmarking of segments, effectively use our expertise and multiple successful corporate practices. We use the synergy of interaction between the businesses, divisions and functions within the company to get the best results.
    • Effective and gentle management of assets and resources

      We protect assets, increase their efficiency, are careful with money, material resources and information, and manage risk. The interests of the Company are our priority. Each of us is personally responsible for the reasonable, efficient use and protection of the company’s resources.
    • Changes and innovations

      We are flexible in making decisions. We are not afraid of change, but perceive it as new opportunity for development. We improve the quality of our assets, build modern technological enterprises, improve processes and educate people. We focus on world practices and adapt the best of them, taking into account political and market specifics, changes in the environment and the unique features of our Company.
    • Transparency and honesty

      Kernel is a public company. Transparency and honesty are key to our success in dealing with colleagues, shareholders, investors and partners. Truth and open information form the basis of our activity. We conduct an independent audit on time and publish financial statements, information about our strategy, operational activities, and significant risks. We do not manipulate financial information, conduct public tenders or openly discuss our position in choosing suppliers.
    • Responsible leadership

      We treat the market leadership and the influence that we have on the country, people and companies, responsibly. We promote the development of the agrarian sector and form the business culture of conducting national business. We react in a timely manner to the applications of the partners and we bear responsibility for our commitments, and to fulfil contractual obligations. We protect the reputation of the company and do not allow actions that may adversely affect the corporate image. We do not accept gifts or participate in events that may affect business decisions.
    • Observation of rules and laws

      We adhere to current legislation and international legal standards. We respect corporate values and guiding principles, act in accordance with our internal policies and procedures. We condemn corruption and fraud at the state level, we are brutally combating their manifestations in the company, and counteract the conflicts of interest that can lead to financial losses and loss of goodwill. We protect and promote the interests of the company in legitimate professional ways.
    • Sustainable development and social responsibility

      We are building a company with a long-term perspective, therefore, its sustainable development is one of the main principles of our business. We create comfortable and safe working conditions for our employees, provide them with a wide range of opportunities for training and professional development.
      At all production stages, we minimize the use of energy resources, carefully cultivate the land and control the quality of our products. We openly collaborate with local communities and lessors, and annually implement hundreds of large-scale social projects in the operations regions.
    • Partnership and unanimity of goals

      The basic principle of our internal interaction is partnership. We are a professional team of like-minded people, moving the company – the world leader in the industry – forward. Each of us demonstrates the proper behaviour and team interaction. Occupying various positions in different divisions and departments, countries and regions, we are jointly focused and striving for our collective success. Together, we are able to solve the most difficult tasks and achieve the best results.
    • Involvement as an internal entrepreneurship

      We treat the work with love, enthusiastically and selflessly, as if it were our own business, our life-work. Each of us is aware of the importance of our influence on the overall result and considers it our duty to contribute to the prosperity of the company. We are flexible and accept change easily as it represents progress. We work with maximum efficiency to shape the future of the company and our society.
    • Mutual respect and confidence

      The culture of respect and trust for us is not just a benevolent attitude to each other. It is an understanding and acceptance of the vision, values and guiding principles of the company. It is a transparent management structure that clearly defines the distribution of the functional, providing the opportunity to take responsibility and make decisions. These are the clear rules of the game, with an absence of double standards. We are always polite and proper in our business communication with colleagues and outside the company. We do not spend energy on internal disagreements, but concentrate on the development of the company and the achievement of shared objectives.
    • Development of the people`s potential

      Thanks to the right strategy, dynamic growth and sound personnel policy, every employee of the Company has the opportunity to gain new knowledge, and realize individual ambitions and potential. 75% of the executives at different levels have built a career in Kernel. We pay attention to the training and development of managers, specialists and youth with high potential. We strive to create an atmosphere where people are happy to go to work, proud of it, get involved in business processes as much as possible and are interested in the Company’s successes. Changing our culture for the better, we change ourselves!