People development programs

We stay ahead by investing in the education of our team!

The dynamics of Kernel development is directly proportional to the development rate of the team. Each specialist in the company has the opportunity to increase his or her professional skills and competences through a system of training, coaching sessions, workshops, internal educational projects, corporate MBA programs, international conferences and internships.

  • the training system complies with the strategies and objectives of the company
  • our programs are built on the principle of continuity
  • our programs are accessible and open
  • we take individuality into account
  • we welcome initiative, the willingness to generate ideas and solve complex business tasks
  • we support the willingness to study and gain new experience
  • we aim for unity of the Team, regardless of directions and geography of the location
  • we extend modern practices in the teams, exchange relevant experience.


Internal corporative development programs
program МВА

The Company has developed 6 MBA programs for development of managers of different levels depending on business direction: MBA Corporate, MBA in Logistics, MBA in Oil Production, Agri MBA, Agri MBA Expert та MBA Challenger.

Kernel Chance

The project is designed for the development of initiative specialists with desire and readiness to develop and climb up the career ladder. Through the program, participants reveal their leadership potential, acquire skills of system management and get the opportunity to achieve their ambitions of expanding the area of responsibility.


We form a pool of highly skilled professionals within the Company that will not only share their expertise with their colleagues, but also help them grow professionally, and will also be the leaders of Kernel’s strategy and corporate culture. Participants of the program receive training, which involves mastering training technologies, developing communication and speaking skills, developing their own trainings, and taking into account the needs of the Company’s business areas and certification.