Kernel, being a public company, supports the highest standards of business ethics.

We treat the market leadership and the influence that we have on the country, people and companies, responsibly. We openly conduct business with business partners, respond in a timely manner to requests, take responsibility for our obligations, and treat contract conditions professionally.

Partnership relations

Partnership for us is not only the achievement of mutually beneficial goals, but also the formation of a business culture, the main principles of which we consider:

  • fair competition
  • transparency and honesty
  • professionalism
  • zero tolerance for corporate fraud and corruption.

In order to support the above principles, Kernel has regulated the Corporate Code, the Conflict of Interest Management Policy and Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy, and introduced a system of sanctions for corruption both from employees and from our partners.

In addition, in order to consolidate our bilateral obligations in the area of joint control of fraud, bribery and corruption in the course of cooperation, we propose to partners to provide mutual guarantees by including an anticorruption clause in the agreements.


In accordance with the specified documents, we:

  • harshly prevent any manifestations of corruption, bribery and fraud within the Company
  • do not accept presents and do not participate in the events that may influence business decision-making
  • avoid any conflict of interest that may result in damage to finances and reputation.

Detecting the signs of corruption

In cases of detecting signs of corruption, or noticing conflict of interest caused by the partners, we:

  • refuse to examine the commercial/tender offer
  • exclude that partner from the list of providers whom the Company works with
  • dissolve the existing contracts with such a partner and stop further cooperation.

In this section you can become familiar with the full text of an address by the Management of Kernel to their partners, in which they advocate meeting the highest standards of business ethics and establishing transparent and fair relations.