Paid out dividends

Title Record date Payment date Dividend per share, gross (USD) Total payout amount (USD) Dividend payout ratio Dividend yield
Dividends for FY2018 18.04.2019 25.04.2019 0.25 20,485,308 39.3% 1.8%
Dividends for FY2017 19.04.2018 26.04.2018 0.25 20,485,308 11.6% 1.8%
Dividends for FY2016 20.04.2017 27.04.2017 0.25 20,175,308 9.0% 1.4%
Dividends for FY2015 22.04.2016 29.04.2016 0.25 19,920,853 18.6% 1.9%
Dividends for FY2014 23.04.2015 30.04.2015 0.25 19,920,853 n/m 2.6%

Starting from the FY2014 results announcement, Kernel Holding S.A. maintains a sustainable annual dividend of USD 0.25 per share, payable in US dollars. The dividend payment has been subject to deduction of Luxembourg withholding tax at a rate of 15%. Shareholders who are eligible to a reduced withholding tax or to a tax exemption may reclaim the excessive amount of tax levied in Luxembourg. Such shareholders have to submit to the Luxembourg tax administration:

  • Four copies of Form 901bis, attested by the tax administration of the country of residence of the shareholder
  • A copy of the Company’s dividend withholding tax Form 900
  • A copy of the bank confirmation as evidence that the Company has paid the tax

The Company advises shareholders to seek additional information with their financial, tax and legal advisors concerning dividend withholding tax reclaim.