Kernel is creating a new generation of the agribusiness elite. We bring out the potential of young professionals, provide prospects for professional growth and favorable conditions for work and life in the countryside.


Since 2011, a unique educational project for students and graduates of agrarian universities called «University of International Programs» has been launched. Together with the experts from the leading educational institutions of the country and the world, we have developed academic programs that meet the needs of modern high-tech agribusiness. Students of «University of International Programs» attend lectures held by agrarian practitioners and foreign experts, thus gaining their first professional experience at the Kernel production base and international agribusiness expertise during internships abroad. We invest annually in the development of the educational infrastructure of partner universities in Ukraine.

Within the educational project for young specialists, we:
  • improve curricula in compliance with the latest best practices and innovations
  • share our knowledge, expertise, and ideas with Ukrainian university teachers
  • invite professors from the best universities of Europe and the United States
  • provide students with the opportunity to work with the world’s leading agribusiness technologies
  • develop innovative thinking, deep understanding of real business processes and management, entrepreneurship skills and ability to be an effective actor in the global business environment and in conditions of constant changes.
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