Результаты 2016 года

Over the last year, we have trained our health and safety specialists under OHSAS 18001 requirements, a first step toward broad implementation of a modern health and safety management system. Most regrettably, we had one fatal accident during the last year, wherein a truck driver lost control of his truck. This accident just emphasized the importance of a proper system for preventing potential risks, which we have continued to develop during the last year.

The first group of mid-level managers from the farming division graduated last year from our corporate MBA, which we launched two years ago. With coverage expanding to other divisions last year, our corporate MBA program is focused on developing crucial leadership, managerial and soft skills among our managerial staff.

We continued long-term cooperation with rural regions where we operate. Over the last year, we extended our dedicated network of relationship managers, which allows us to engage with the community directly and manage our activities in more efficient way. Our social spending increased 24% y-o-y to UAH 30.6 million, but was down in US dollars due to the rapid devaluation of the local currency.

In FY2015, we modernized the boiler at one of our crushing plants, the last one that used natu­ral gas to produce steam for processing needs. As a result, all of our crushing facilities will be running biomass boilers since FY2016, saving an equivalent of 80 million cubic meters of natural gas annually.

For more details of our performance in key sustainability aspects please refer to our FY2016 annual report, prepared in accordance with G4 guidance ('Core' option) issued by GRI. Our financial stakeholders are also welcome to analyse our response to CDP 2015 questionnaire.