We strive to produce the highest quality food products, farm in a sustainable way and ensure our supply chain is compliant with modern quality requirements. We actively use biomass to substitute fossil fuel and utilize large-scale machinery to minimize diesel spent. To our employees, we guarantee competitive compensation and an emphasis on their health and safety.

Our approach

There are several pillars behind our vision for the long-term sustainability of our business. We strive to produce our products efficiently, with the lowest energy consumption and within strict compliance with regulatory, product safety and quality requirements. We grow our crops in a way to maximize the long-term productivity of our soils and ensure the efficient use of resources. We also understand human capital is crucial for our success, develop our employees through a variety of means, and ensure health and safety is a top priority across our value chain. In addition, we maintain our social license to operate through structured efforts to develop communities where we have a presence, with a particular focus on rural regions.

Our reporting

For details of our performance in key sustainability aspects please refer to our FY2016 annual report, prepared in accordance with G4 guidance ('Core' option) issued by GRI. External assurance report issued by Baker Tilly is available on the page 40 of the report.

Our financial stakeholders are also welcome to analyse our response to CDP 2015 questionnaire.


We welcome your feedback on our sustainability reporting, approach and performance at