Product Responsibility

Being the world’s largest sunflower oil producer, with an 8% international market share in 2016, we endeavor to guarantee our produce meets the highest quality benchmarks. Therefore, in light of our divesting two Russian plants in February 2016, the food safety administration frameworks at all of our sunflower oil crushing facilities in Ukraine are certified under the ISO 22000 standard, which coordinates the standards of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system and application of methods created by the Codex Alimentarius Commission. Our food management system is preventive and aimed at addressing the risks of potential organic, compound, and physical hazards. It also guarantees the traceability of items in our value chain. Those of our plants that produce bottled sunflower oil are additionally certified under the FSSC 22000 standard and the greater part of our production plants are certified under ISO 9001.

We also guarantee control over food safety along the protein meal production and distribution value chain: production facilities are certified under GMP+B1, our truck organization is certified under GMP+B4, and transshipment and cargo chartering is certified under GMP+B3. Moreover, we continue to license our labs under the ISO 17025 standard, which permits us to expand the scope of analysis conducted at our own facilities. In our farming division, corn cultivation is certified under the RBSA standard, which indicates prerequisites set for biofuel supply chain sustain - ability under the Renewable Energy Directive. Additionally Kernel is certified under the ISCC EU framework for soybean, rapeseed and wheat. During the last financial year, Kernel successfully certified its corn and grain supply chain under the standards required by China. Periodically, our food safety framework is audited by an authorized third party, and is continually monitored by our in-house internal food safety team. The scope of our product safety evaluations incorporates all manufacturing and production, storage, distribution and supply processes.