Product Responsibility

As one of the world’s largest sunflower oil pro­ducers, with a 7% global market share (based on the USDA data for 2014/15), we strive to ensure our produce meets the highest qual­ity standards. The food safety management systems at all of our sunflower oil production facilities in Ukraine are certified under the ISO 22000 standard, which integrates the principles of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system and application of procedures developed by the Codex Alimentarius Commis­sion. Our food management system is preven­tive, aimed at addressing the risk of potential biological, chemical, and physical hazards in production processes, and ensures the trace­ability of products in our value chain. The system also controls the traceability of our vegetable oils and meals across the entire value supply chain under our control. Our two small Russian plants are not certified under ISO 22000 because their products and processes are certified under strict local standards and are either used for domestic feed consumption or for exports to destinations that do not require ISO 22000 certification.

Those of our facilities that produce bottled sun­flower oil are additionally certified under the FSSC 22000 standard and all of our produc­tion plants are certified under ISO 9001. We also ensure control over food safety along the protein meal production and distribution value chain: production facilities are certified under GMP+B1, our truck company is certified under GMP+B4, and transshipment and freight char­tering is certified under GMP+B3. Additionally, during the last financial year, one of our laborato­ries was accredited under the ISO 17025 stan­dard, which will allow us to increase the scope of analysis conducted at our own facilities.

In our farming production division, corn cultiva­tion is certified under the RBSA standard, which specifies requirements set for biofuel supply chain sustainability under the Renewable Energy Direc­tive. Kernel is also certified under the ISCC EU framework for soybean, rapeseed, and wheat.