Our Business

Kernel Holding S.A. is a diversified agribusiness company operating across the value-chain: from large scale farming to countrywide grain and oilseed origination thanks to our extensive network of grain silos and regional purchasing offices, to oil production in our crushing, refining and bottling plants, and international marketing through our grain, oil and meal transshipment and export facilities in the ports of Chornomorsk and Taman, we capitalize on our local expertise to better service our customers both domestically and on the international market.

Sunflower Oil in Bulk

No 1 oilseed crusher and sunflower oil exporter in the Black Sea region


Leading grain supply pipeline manager bridging Ukrainian and Russian farmers with world markets

Silo Services

No 1 privately-owned silo network in Ukraine with 2.7 million tons storage capacity

Bottled Oil

No 1 producer and marketer of bottled sunflower oil in Ukraine

Export Terminals

Access to export through deep water grain terminals in Ukraine and Russia; oil and meal terminal in Ukraine


Crop production on over 600,000 hectares of prime farm land in Ukraine