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Please kindly forward your inquiries to the appropriate recipients indicated below:

3 Tarasa Shevchenka Lane
Kyiv, Ukraine, 01001

Tel.: +38 044 461-88-01
+38 044 461-88-04
+38-044 461-88-06

Fax: +38-044 461-88-64
+38-044 461-88-66

Investor Relations


Sales of sunflower oil, meal, grain, and oilseed crops in bulk

Sales of bottled sunflower oil



Farming division

Silo services, export terminals, and logistics

Oilseed crushing

Should you become aware of any violations or concerns about business practices, please contact us via:

  • Hotline: 0-800-50-10-59 (free from landline telephones in Ukraine)
  • Email:
    - for fraud and corruption cases, abuses of power and/or trust, violations of the rights of tender participants
    - for potential conflicts of interest, pressure on employees, infringement of internal policies and procedures including in the areas of labor and environmental protection.