Human Capital

Competitive compensation strategy

Our remuneration policy is based on the provi­sion of competitive compensation that matches or exceeds the levels observed in our industries. We also strictly comply with labor legislation and are one of the few employers in the Ukrainian agriculture sector who rigorously pays all salary-related taxes and social contributions.

Investing in training and development

We structure our training activities in several different directions. The major portion of our training activities covers various groups of per­sonnel and is related to the development of professional qualifications related to their jobs. These trainings are supplied by both inter­nal and external providers. We also operate a fully-equipped modern training facility, where we provide module-based education to the employees of our farming division. These short-term courses, taught by Ukrainian and visiting European specialists, are specifically designed to deliver practical knowledge related to modern farming practices. Last year, we also launched similar module-based courses for our sunflower oil production department.

Special attention is paid to the training of our managerial staff, which consists of thousands of managers at different levels. Two years ago, we launched a pilot corporate MBA program, which consists of a set of modules on general management skills. The program has a total of almost two hundred hours of lectures and train­ings. Courses are taught by lecturers who also teach at certified MBA programs and include case studies delivered by top management and team-based assignments. The program finishes with a final project.

In addition to formal education, we also promote an on-the-job training culture and experience sharing. Given the geographical dispersion of our operations, we regularly organize divisional meet­ings, where specialists meet to exchange their best practices and knowledge. Last year, we also organized a special visit of farming machinery en­gineers to a leading factory in Austria and of a group of our employees involved in cattle farming to several milk farms in Germany.

For more details on our labor practices, career planning and individual development system, our activities in developing Ukraine’s agricultural education, and our approach to human rights, please see sustainability section of our FY2015 annual report.