Health and Safety

Acknowledging that we operate in regions with traditionally poor work-related safety cultures, we aim to improve the safety and health of our workers through various means, with our main target to reach zero fatalities and reduce injuries. Our jobs are classified by risk exposure, and those workers who fall under medium and high hazard risk, are required to go through compul­sory safety training, the frequency of which is dependent on the risk exposure. All workplaces and production processes comply with safety requirements, with periodical third-party audits conducted. Workers are equipped with all re­quired special work clothes and undergo medi­cal examinations as required by their role.

Most of our production units employ dedicated health and safety specialists, all of whom are supervised by a group-level health and safety committee. During the last financial year, all our specialists underwent training to improve their knowledge and skills under OHSAS 18001. With a medium term goal of making the health and safety systems at most of our production units fully compliant with OHSAS 18001, we have also launched a process of hazard risk identification and ranking, which should serve as a backbone for building a proper preventive sys­tem. We also strengthened our health & safety team last year.

For details on our health and safety key performance indicators, please see sustainability section of our FY2015 annual report.