Giving Back to Communities

Our business franchise is based on us being an integral part of the communities we oper­ate in. Our operations are spread geographi­cally and cover many communities, with in ex­cess of 2/3 of our employees working in rural regions. To deal fairly and effectively with the significant number of communities we operate in, we established a dedicated team of relation­ship managers, which consists of more than 200 employees. All of them are local residents; they maintain direct contact with local councils, key opinion leaders, and residents. This allows us to conduct our activities based on what is of the foremost importance for the community and receive face-to-face feedback on the im­pact of our operations. Over the course of the year ended 30 June 2015, our direct spending to support our communities amounted to USD 1.9 million (UAH 30.6 million, 24% up compared to the previous year). The main areas of our in­vestments in communities included financing local schools, kindergartens, infrastructure, and healthcare. Of note, all our charitable activities were strictly focused on regions where we had operations.

For more details on our relationships with local communities, please refer to sustainability section of our FY2015 annual report and web-site of our charitable foundation 'Together with Kernel'.