Kernel leases over 600,000 hectares of prime farmland in Ukraine, with a focus on the central and central-western parts of Ukraine, regions known for its fertile soil and proper rainfall levels. Kernel’s crop structure is diversified with approximately 40-50% of acreage under corn, 15-25% under sunflower seed, 15-20% under soybean and remaining under wheat and forage crops.  Grains and soybean produced by our farming division are exported through our supply chain, while sunflower seed is processed to produce sunflower oil at the Company’s crushing plants.

We are committed to preserve and improve the productive capacity of our soils. Kernel applies prudent crop rotation schedules suitable for each productive area and uses balanced fertilization, as well as integrated pest and weed management to increase the long-term productivity of each area. The usage of the modern machinery also decreases food losses during harvesting.