Developing Our Human Capital

Developing our human capital

Our activities to develop our human capital are structured in several directions. The majority of trainings we provide to our employees covers various groups of personnel and aim to develop their specific professional qualifications. We also pay special attention to improving the health and safety culture across our enterprises through continuous training. With our operations spread across many locations, we focus on disseminating accumulated professional knowledge: each year we organize numerous meetings and internal specialized conferences that gather together specialists that work in different locations in one place to discuss and share their experience and knowledge. In our farming and grain procurement divisions, we also periodically gather key personnel from our farms at the cluster level to discuss broad strategy and short-term goals.

Smart Farm and Agro MBA

Our Smart Farm training center is another approach we use to develop our agronomists, machinery engineers and accounting specialists from our farming division. Launched three years ago at one of our farming clusters, it is fully equipped to provide module-based education to our farming employees. Courses are short-term and taught by Ukrainian and European visiting specialists, with the key goal of filling the gap between the knowledge that employees receive in Ukrainian universities and that required for the contemporary farming business. Adjacent to our Smart Farm is a 500 hectare experimental land plot where we test new seed grades and agronomy practices.

One group of our employees receives a designated amount of training: our talent pool. While our personnel reserve program is in the early development stage and so far focuses only on managerial staff, we are planning to enhance coverage in the medium term.

During the last financial year, jointly with the University of Hohenheim, we launched a corporate Agro MBA program, which consists of several educational modules to develop the managerial skills of our mid-level managers.

Acknowledging the continuing migration of the young labor force from villages to cities and the gradual aging of our labor force, we launched a graduate recruitment program in Ukraine three years ago. The program consists of various activities aimed at promoting careers in the agriculture business to a broad group of graduate students at selected universities, and attracting the most motivated and qualified of them to work in various divisions at our farms and processing plants. Selected graduates start with internships and 85% of them continue to work with us as full-time employees. Last year we also launched a pilot version of an internal educational website. This long-term project will facilitate our office personnel’s development through webinars, educational courses and testing, and ease the adaptation of our new employees.